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Climate and Water Outlook: January - March 2109

Climate and Water Outlook: January - March 2109

As per BOM Website

December 2018 catchment conditions

Low streamflows were recorded at 106 locations, spread across Australia. Near-median and high flows were recorded at 64 and 39 locations respectively–mostly in eastern coastal regions and Tasmania.

December rainfall was below average across Australia as a whole. Below-average rainfall occurred across most of Queensland away from the east coast, nearly all of the Northern Territory, for northern New South Wales, most of northern Western Australia, and for a large part of South Australia. Above-average rainfall occurred across the east coast of Queensland from Cape York to around Rockhampton, along the east coast of New South Wales, most of Victoria, parts of southeastern and northwestern South Australia, large areas in southern Western Australia and northern Tasmania.

Above-average actual evapotranspiration (AET) occurred in Victoria, Tasmania, southern and north-western regions of south Australia, parts of New South Wales and inland Western Australia, southern Northern Territory and parts of nothern Queensland. These areas of above-average AET mostly coincide with areas of above-average modeled lower-layer soil moisture (10–100cm). Below-average AET occurred in the northern New South Wales, large areas of southern and western Queensland and central northern Territory, and most of northern Western Australia.


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